Quarter Horses for sale at Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch

Lyla Benson - rodeo queen

Our own Rodeo Queen ready for a day on the ranch


Looking for a the right horse to add to your stable?  Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch outside of Philipsburg, Montana has decided to reduce their herd size and are offering a number of Quarter Horses for sale at this time.


Our  selection ranges from fully broke ranch horses to gently started geldings to a matched set of 2 year old dun colts going back to the famous stallion Hollywood Dun It.  Most are registered AQHA with a few unregistered and one very flashy APHA paint.


Over the years we have been extremely picky about the horses we have selected for the ranch.  Most are geldings, most are very well bred and some have come to us through the legendary WYO Quarter Horse Sale.  Every horse has been selected for their exceptional color, breeding, good looks and personality.

The Dude with Trin

Daily Affection


Watch our site for an upcoming Sale Barn page and check out the special horses being offered for sale by Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch.


Can’t wait to see the horses for sale?  Contact us at info@rockcreekcabinmontana.com

Gucci & Outback

Dun It Twice

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