Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch sits at over 5000 feet, so  spring comes late.  Once the snow melts off we anxiously await the creek reaching it’s high level so fishing can begin along with the arrival of babies to the deer, elk, robins, moose and more.  Birdwatching along with watching the wildlife is a personal favorite pastime.

The creek seems to be taking it’s time readying itself for the season this year.  The snow pack in the mountains is coming off slowly and we’ve not seen the insane high water of 2011; which makes me happy – last year was crazy!!  The Middle Fork is already pretty clear and is starting to show signs of being ready to fish.  The East Fork has been fishable for a couple weeks.

If you’re not checking in to see what’s happening with the streams, check out our Wildlife photo gallery for photos of this year’s crop of little ones along with some from years past.  A couple weeks ago I snapped a mama moose with her twins right after their arrival, didn’t get my camera out quick enough to catch them on their wobbly legs.  We’ve got a pair of osprey that keep working on a nest out by the creek so they must think the fishing is going to be great this season!

We booked up early this year for most of the summer months so check in with us early if you’d like to share spring and summer 2013.

Happy Spring!!


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