Fall Fishing on Montana Rock Creek

We’ve already had our first frost, the willows felt it and already a few leaves have already yellowed.  It must mean autumn is on its way.

side-Magnificent_Rainbow-Laurie-LaneIf you are thinking of fall fishing on Montana’s premiere blue ribbon trout stream, then a reservation with Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch would make the trip spectacular.

Fall fishing has always been my personal favorite.  As the temperatures drop, the fish ready themselves for the upcoming change in seasons and are hungry to fatten themselves up for the long winter ahead.  I’ve tested their interest in hoppers and they are already striking quickly as the treat flows by the hole out back.

Check the availability calendar if you are interested in a trip to the Creek.  There are a couple larger blocks available as well as smaller in both the Pintlar View and the Log Cabin for September and October vacation rental.

The Moose Meadows fire has been under control for a few weeks, the road is back open, the waters cool and the fish are hungry – What’s keeping you from tossing your line in the creek?Strike-by-Laurie-LaneArtwork on this blog is shown with copyright approval and is available for purchase from Laurie Lane Photography.

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