Wildlife in Montana

Every year I continue to be amazed by the wildlife that surrounds me on Rock Creek.  We have deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, bunnies and even the occasional bison.

Rocky with horses

Many of you have heard my story about “Rocky” the buffalo that wandered in one morning.  He was actually a somewhat domesticated bison that traveled all the way from a ranch outside of Anaconda.  He came across the Flint Creek Pass, by Georgetown Lake and over to Moose Lake.  Rocky somehow meandered down to us & hung out for a few days with our horses.  I think he may have had a crush on “Dizzy” (blonde palamino) because they would actually eat out of the feeder together.  So you know, bison are really never domesticated.  They are mighty, powerful and can pretty much go and do whatever they want.   I watched him several times simply sit on his haunches and leap the fences.

Since it is autumn, the buck deer and bull elk are busy looking for the perfect girl.  Daybreak often draws me to the back deck to listen to the incredible call of the elk.  It still causes me to close my eyes, breathe deeply and embrace the magnificence of this animal.  When the snow pushes them around, both elk and deer can be found on the back hill behind the cabin, basking in the morning sun.Elk behind cabin 2013calf moose

We have a mama moose that often brings her calf, or calves by.  Around February she sometimes nests in the willows by the creek, across the fence from the horses.  The dogs get annoyed by her but I never tire of her visits.   In September one of the calves got separated from its sibling on the other side of the fence.  We opened up the gate and they re-united behind the cabin.

The seasons on Rock Creek are different and unique from each other.  Visiting during spring and summer makes fishing a highlight for many.  Don’t underestimate visiting us this fall or winter.  Each season brings its own beauty and brilliance.Elk early fall 2013 cropped sized


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