Breaking up for Spring!!

beginning spring thaw 2014 sizedOver the years a number of people have asked what it’s like when the creek is completely frozen over – how thick is the ice – and other questions.  The creek has opened up a little just behind the cabin so I was able to get a picture showing the thickness of the snow and how it starts to break up.  The fish are excited to see the daylight & are hungry for the bugs that spring will ultimately deliver to them.  While I was out there I saw bobcat tracks & those of my neighborhood moose who have wandered by.

I also get questions about the little building in the picture and the “trolly” that runs across the creek.  Many years ago the State of Montana had an active gauging station here that was used to measure the stream flow of the Middle Fork of Rock Creek and also the water table.  They moved the functioning station further up Ross’s Fork but we’ve left the older version for historic value. 

If you are thinking of a fly fishing trip or planning a family vacation at a Montana cabin on Rock Creek it’s time to book your reservation.  With two cabins on over 100 acres surrounded by open space, you’re sure to find a spot to hook a trout or  just sit on the deck and relax after a fabulous day of adventures in Philipsburg.

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