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Sunrise on the Anaconda Pintlars

March 6th, 2013 by Kristi Spoon

Winter morning sunrise - Anaconda Pintlars

Winter morning sunrise – Anaconda Pintlars

Winter can be long when you live at over 5000 feet.  There has been snow on the ground since November, temperatures when you get up to check cattle are more often than not, below zero.  Such is life in the rocky mountains.

Sunrise looking out at the Anaconda Pintlars in Montana though, is always spectacular.

The Anaconda Pintlar Wilderness is known for its high, rugged, beautiful mountain scenery.  Some of Montana’s greatest trout streams including Rock Creek and the Big Hole River begin from the tiny droplets coming off year round snowbanks in this almost untouched Montana wilderness of over 158,500 acres.  The lush vegetation of sagebrush, willow flats, ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, lodge pole pine, aspen, subalpine fir, white bark pine and subalpine larch are home to mountain goats, flying squirrels, deer, elk, moose, bear, mountain lions and thirteen varieties of raptors

Spring Pintlar View

Spring Pintlar View


As spring arrives in Rock Creek, the snow on our ground will melt and bring green grasses.  The snowpack in the Pintlars will slowly retreat, feeding the tumbling streams well into the summer keeping our trout fishing passion alive.  Then, once again Mother Nature will begin to cover this vast wilderness with her blanket of snow.

This blog is dedicated to my dad, Harvey Giles (1999), who gave up his vacation each year to take Boy Scouts on 50 mile hikes through Montana wildernesses. The Pintlars were his favorite.

Family Fishing Vacations in a cabin on Montana Rock Creek

February 10th, 2013 by Kristi Spoon

Fishing at 2

Our stretch of water here on Rock Creek offers something for every fisher:  man, woman or child!!

Staying at Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch is like a private retreat for your family on the waters of Montana’s Blue Ribbon trout stream.  This cozy Cabin or the Pintlar View house are a perfect setting for a family or groups who want an opportunity to spend a weekend or longer enjoying the great Montana Outdoors.

The Middle Fork of Rock Creek is an ideal spot to let your younger ones explore fishing.  There is a wonderful stretch just outside the back door where it is easy for them to get their pole to the water and experience catching a fish. The East Fork has ponds, created by busy beavers, filled with hungry trout and often complimented by blue heron, sand hill cranes, osprey and Canadian geese.  Be sure to look towards the blue sky above as bald and golden eagles nest in the canyon beyond.

When you are not fishing the creek, there is plenty for your family to do close by. Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine is about 5 miles up the road.  You and your family can hunt for sapphires – you can grab a bucket of sapphire gravel, belly up to the wash trough and find Montana Sapphires.  Depending how you handle your gravel and wash screen this
might just be the dirtiest good clean family fun you can have.  We are also just moments away from Georgetown Lake, Discovery Basin ski area, ghost towns and the town of Philipsburg.



Call for more information on sharing this great Montana adventure with your family.

Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch

August 17th, 2010 by Kristi Spoon

Think of the words “log cabin,” and you probably envision a little log house sitting next to a creek or lake, with the fire burning and the smell of the Rocky Mountains just off your deck. At Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch the homey feel of cedar logs and rich cabin décor bring that and more.

Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch is 15 miles outside of Philipsburg, a town rich with history in mining and ranching. Today this delightful little town of about 900 residents is a fun place to visit.

Rock Creek is Montana’s premiere Blue Ribbon Trout Stream. Its water runs cold and most of the time clear even during hot summer months making it a tremendous home for rainbow, brown, cutthroat and brook trout. With miles of stream wandering through the property the fishing is amazing; whether just off the deck, up or downstream, or off to the east fork of Rock Creek, where beaver ponds dance with daily hatches & hungry fish.

What if the cabin shows unavailable???

July 7th, 2010 by Kristi Spoon

What if the cabin shows unavailable?

Bookings for the cabin at Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch are filling up quickly.  There may be times the cabin shows unavailable when we have scheduled maintenance that can be shuffled to another date.  If the date you select shows unavailable, please don’t hesitate to call us directly at 406-859-1009 to see if we can slide something around to accommodate  you.  We truly hope you will chose to stay with us and will do our very best to assist in scheduling.

And exciting news here at Spoon’s Rock Creek Ranch!!  There is a second unit coming this Spring!  We are just finishing up renovating a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house that sits farther up the creek with several decks, a full kitchen and a fabulous view of the Pintlars.  It will have all the same amenities as the existing cabin such as TV &  Internet.  So if you are interested booking for hunting or ski season, give us a call to check on availability for this new space.