Art Gallery

Kristi Spoon, the previous owner of the property, spent years living and loving Montana and with a 35 year history of owning and operating a western art gallery in Montana, it has allowed her to connect with fabulous artists including Laurie Lane, Lane Timothy and James Kirkish.  All of these artists have visited the ranch and shared some of their beautiful photos with us.

Laurie Lane’s photos of Twisted Fork at Rock Creek can be viewed throughout our entire website. (Photo on right titled “Surface”). Her unique eye for “the shot” helped make this site possible and portray Twisted Fork at Rock Creek as it truly is. Laurie’s love of fly fishing and photography has resulted in the creation of photography of wild trout and their habitat so unique, they are often mistaken for paintings. Visit Laurie’s website for her amazing photos of the elusive Montana Trout:

Lane Timothy is a Montana native, highly recognized in the world of fine art. Lane’s personal interpretation of “The Cabin” at Twisted Fork at Rock Creek is the top image on this page.  Lane’s art is heavily influenced by his life in the West. Born & raised in Montana he is constantly inspired by the majestic mountains, unique people and the rustic beauty that still survives there today. Visit Lane’s site for more information on his original work:

Barn at Porters Corner sizedJames Kirkish has been a returning guest each year to visit and fish Twisted Fork at Rock Creek.  His drive from Seattle no doubt allows him time to view the landscape and select the most inspiring subjects to work with.  In August 2012 James and his good friend were on their annual fly fishing trip to Montana.  James says, “There were massive fires spread throughout the area and I had been waiting for 3 days to find (what I hoped to be) optimal conditions to shoot images of this very cool barn.  On our next to last day at the ranch, I rolled out of bed before dawn, stepped into Rock Creek (which flows just yards from the deck of our cabin/lodge) and fished for an hour (in absolute solitude, I might add).  After hooking a couple of small cutthroat trout (which, for all of you purists like me……..I gently released back into the river), I hopped in my truck, drove a couple of miles along Hwy 1 (Pintler Loop) and pulled out my gear to capture a few shots.  The lighting was near-perfect with some very cool cloud formations in the background and I walked away with one of my best images, to date.” – James Kirkish / The Shuttered Image 

Be sure to check out the website for James at and inquire about his images available of the Philipsburg area.600 Cabin image by Kirkish